GURHAN seeks to attract, retain and nurture the success of the A-players it employs.  As an equal opportunities employer our diversity of sizes, colors, shapes, preferences and ages creates a rainbow of creative and loyal employees.  If you are interested in applying for a position with GURHAN, be ready for an intense, committed, exciting experience.  GURHAN is no place for the complacent.  Our employees are asked to be part of the overall creative energy and to personally contribute to the value system, innovations and success of the company.  In other words, you’ll be be given the opporunity to be part of creating a live a life worth living!  As a company we set goals in line with our strategies to achieve our Mission for our future.  Each employee has their own goals making clear the vital role each individual plays in us all attaining the company’s overall goals.  And every individual is given the privilege of ownship and accountability for their their part of the whole.  You will work hard but you will work smart and be coached for success, and you will be recognized and celebrated for your contribution to the shared vision of making GURHAN integral to a life worth living!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the GURHAN team, please click here to see available opportunities.